For Health and Happiness, Gems and Precious stones

People have always been fascinated with gems and crystals since the dawn of time. These gems and crystals like genuine moldavite for sale are beautiful and colorful. It’s no surprise that we love to decorate our homes and surround ourselves with them.

There are many ways to appreciate gemstones. The perfect crystal structure of Amethysts is for the geologist a magical window into the beginnings of Earth’s creation. He can see the perfect lattice of silicon and oxygen deep beneath the Earth’s crust by looking at the deep purple stone.

Fashionista admiring her bright green emerald, she appreciates the harmonious effect it creates with her outfit. The healer gently touches the pendant of honey-colored amber on her heart, feeling spiritually and physically connected with Mother Earth and the healing powers that the Universe has to offer. A rugged prospector from the Australian Outback discovers an opal piece on a riverbank. His heart is full of joy and his family’s future looks bright and secure.

The young woman gazes at her diamond ring in awe, excited to think of her loved one and the happy future they will share. These reactions are so different yet they are equally strong. Gemstones are able to make us feel extraordinary emotions.

No matter what we see in precious gemstones, it always reflects the value system of our individual. Gems are often used to express our values and to link to things we cherish. Gems are a strong symbol in all cultures. Modern society is still captivated by the beauty and high price of gemstones.

Vedic Astrology has a fascinating system that combines gemstones and planetary energies. This is a method that Westerners may not be aware of. The birth chart of the individual will determine which gems are most favorable to the wearer.

Blue sapphire channelizes the energy of Saturn, Ruby connects to the life-giving Sunrays, pearls increase the intuition and healing power of the Moon, and green emerald, which is the stone of Mercury, aids in communication and business. The yellow sapphire, the planet of wisdom, is favored by Mighty Jupiter. The beauty and brilliance of diamonds reflect the qualities of Venus, the planet that is love and beauty. Mars’s stone, red coral, transmits the powerful, focused energy of Warrior Planet. The two lunar nodes Rahu (the Moon Node) and Ketu (the Moon Node) communicate their Karmic messages and influence through the stunning gems hessonite garnet, chrysoberyl cat’s eye, which are beautiful gems.

It doesn’t matter what our cultural backgrounds are, it’s worth learning about the legends and meanings of the gems that we wear. This information will help us build a bridge to our subconscious minds. By doing this, each time we look at our beautiful ring or bracelet in our hands, we will feel the connection with our fellow humans through time and space. This will bring us closer to the Oneness of The Universe.

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