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Those of you looking to heat up a fairly large space of around two thousand square feet, will certainly appreciate the TR009 heat output. Listed as being able to warm and area of 2,200 square feet, this unit will do a great job in medium to larger sized rooms in the household.

Additionally, when fully fueled, this log burning stove will keep a burn going for up to twelve hours which is great news for those of you who dislike re filling your products with firewood too often.

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What are the positives?

When is comes to heating a room effectively, the natural heat output produced by this wood stove can reach up to 2200 sq ft. This is an excellent reach and something that sets it apart from several electronic space heating devices in the industry.

When the firebox is full of firewood, you can expect a nice and long burn that can last anywhere up to twelve hours.

Cleaning of ash and maintenance is made easy with the inclusion of a ash drawer underneath.

The pedestal, base, and materials used in construction all point towards a durable product that can withstand day to day usage. It’s made with re enforced plated steel and comes with firebrick lining.

Includes a windowed cast iron door that will allow people to view the flames and embers whilst curled up on the couch.

The inclusion of a blower that can be adjusted to release and push air onto the flames give users a bit more control over temperature.

Meets EPA burning efficiency requirements.

Product Dimensions

For the home setting, this wood furnace isn’t going to take up an awful lot of room, but it will still be large enough to give people a nice view of the flames through the door window. The measurements are 26 inches by 26.5 inches by 33 inches.


Like many of its competitors on the market, you can expect to splash out a fair amount of money to get your hands on this. However, in terms of stoves, we believe it’s rather competitive, for the included features.


Made by a respected brand name in Vogelzang, and offering a good amount to the user in terms of heating performance, this unit will warm up most small, medium, and large spaces effectively. A good burn time and decent construction are a few of the standout buying points.