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There are many great wood heaters on the market, but how do you choose one that’s suitable for your needs? Well the difficulty lies in finding one that meets both your budget level and expectations in terms of power and performance. Today we look at the TR007 wood stove and discover why it may be suitable for you through researching into its specifications and features.

This particular unit could be the missing part of the puzzle for your heating sources with the ability to hold around thirty pounds of firewood producing a solid burn for around fourteen hours.

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So what’s included within the spec that helps it hold its own against others in the space heating industry. We take a look at some of its best points including the design, and key burn information.

What are the positives?

One of the first things we noticed whilst carrying out our research and analyzing its construction was the materials used. The Ponderosa is made from reinforced plate steel adding much needed strength to hold the fuel and hold its own against daily wear and tear. If you want something to last, especially through the more active winter months, this is something that shouldn’t be overlooked.

The ceramic glass window measures fifteen by nine inches, giving people a nice view into the firebox area and the flames. More of a design feature, this also ties in with getting that homely feel in the evenings.

Because it’s got the capability of holding up to thirty pounds of wood in one go, we wanted to check what sort of burn time can be achieved. We found that this unit is able to consistently burn up to fourteen hours without the need of re fueling. Which is pretty good for the average persons requirements. To give you an idea about the size of logs that can be used, this is listed as up to twenty two inches.

Keeping the firebox area well maintained, and not clogged up with ash should be one of your targets. This will be made easier by using the built in ash drawer.

Has an efficiency rating of well above the 75% requirements at 82%.

A Blower is included to push air over the flames. Adjust to a speed of your choice up to 150 CFM.


The dimensions of the stove as a whole are as follows: 34 inches by 24 inches by 33 inches. The interior firebox area measures at 22 inches deep depth, 18 inches width, and around 11 inches in height.


We feel that the TR007 Ponderosa brings a lot to the table for the average household. The product itself is made from durable materials for a long lasting unit, and the ability to hold logs over twenty inches enable it to achieve a long lasting burn.