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BX42E stoveThe?Vogelzang BX42E is a highly rated wood stove, that has gained quite a bit of popularity from consumers since its introduction, with plenty of positives outweighing the negative reviews found.

There are several reasons that could be contributing to this, including its ability to take logs for firewood at sizes of up to twenty seven inches, along with the materials used to design it.

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What are the positives?

With such ratings, it would only be right to assume it comes equipped with some great features right? You would be correct in guessing so. For this cast iron wood burning stove has a fantastic spec list.

The first thing you will notice is the design. Whilst to some, it may not be the greatest looking stove, but it’s well put together and made of cast iron for that extra stability, and reliability, whilst remaining durable. Of course, the main benefit of cast iron construction is how it radiates the heat well.

To give you an idea of its heat output level, the manufacturer lists it at 1200 square feet. Which isn’t the highest, but great for close vicinity. Also, the firebox can hold logs of up to twenty seven inches, which will greatly improve burn effectiveness and time.?The BTU figure given is up to 94,000.

Cleaning and maintenance is a breeze thanks to its removable slide damper. This acts as a natural tool to limit drafts too, which is great.


The stove?dimensions are as follows:?37?inches long?(without the?blower) by?25?inches wide by?29 inches height. Perhaps the most difficult part people will have when assembling it is the weight, which is listed at 175 pounds. Could be two man job to move it around, so try to set it up where you want it.


A very affordable price tag when you take into account other wood burners on the market. We believe this falls into the lower price tier, despite offering good size and burn.


Overall, the?Vogelzang BX42E is one of those stoves that offers a lot for a relatively low price. And we believe this is one of the primary reasons it has been starting to gain some traction in the industry. Because there are often some heavily overpriced units that are just not sensible to purchase.