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The US stove APS1100B is a wood stove that offers a surprising mix of affordability and functionality. Perhaps not the most coveted unit available on the market, but there is plenty of positive things going for it that enable it to stand out from the crowd.

Lets have a look at the areas where it excels and the areas where its found wanting below.

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What are the positives?

When we research any kind of wood burning stove, we want to ensure that there is no lack of specifications needed to heat a home effectively. So there are a few guidelines we look at in doing so. These include BTU level, the overall efficiency percentage, how clean it is whilst burning, the strength in design and materials, plus blowers which give a certain degree of control over how hot or cold the firebox is.

Now, when we look at the?APS1100B, it’s quite clear it meets many of the points made above. The first thing we noticed was?that it has a 700 to 1000 square feet heating area, which isn’t the largest, but is by no means small either. The 67,000 BTU number further highlights this.

Secondly, the fire box can hold a decent amount of fuel or logs. In fact the manufacturer actually says it can fit wood logs of up to sixteen inches inside to give a excellent amount of burn time. Even after burn, you will still get quite a bit of heat from the embers circulating the room.

Thirdly, and still very important, plus recommended is making sure it’s EPA certified. In this case it is. Which means it works to an effective efficiency of over 75%, which looks at how clean the air coming out of it is. Some models, do cause problems with this as it is a form of polluting air, but in this case, it passes the bar.


If you’re wondering what sort of space this model is going to need once fully assembled, the product dimensions are?27.5 inches by 23.5 inches by?30.5 inches. You may need a bit of help moving it around, as wood stoves can get quite heavy once you take into account brick linings, and the steel plate materials used.


There is several levels of pricing when it comes to this industry. The low cost, mid tier, and upper end. This particular unit I would categorize under the mid tier. You will find?varying numbers when shopping, so best look around first before you make any decision final.


We believe the?US stove APS1100B can bring a lot of value to the household. When you look at long term saving on your heating and gas bills (which are typically more expensive), we can see it paying itself off within the first year and a half of use. Not only that, but it will certainly warm up your house very well.