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As pellet stoves go, the?US Stove 5660 offers excellent heating performance, a great design that improves the look and feel of a room, and plenty of control over how you control the temperature with six different settings to be used.

The window is quite large when you look at similar stoves, and compare them. I have always believed the larger the display hole, the better, as you get to see more of the fire and embers. They give a nice warm glow to the room, which is great.

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What are the positives?

There are plenty of positives to be found when you dig deep into the list of specifications on offer. Consumer requirements will vary so much from user to user, it will be hard to get the benefits down to an exact science, but there are also certain must haves for a medium tier pellet stove, that this unit has. I will detail some of these below.

It’s equipped with a 120 CFM fan or blower, which increases the effectiveness of the stove as a whole by ensuring any heat it produces is distributed from it evenly. This enables the various levels of heat control (6 in total) far more effective.

An excellent inclusion to the feature list is a digital control board, which allows you to set things up a whole lot easier than some of the older pellet stoves out there. Operation as a whole is a breeze, and really user friendly thanks to automatic ignition, which starts it up without the hard work.

Then you have the large windowed area at the front of the 5660 which looks fantastic. Most people enjoy watching the fire as it burns, and this will definitely grant them that wish with a bay style window that looks directly into the firebox.


It’s not a particularly large unit, and will slot nicely into most dining or living areas with ease. To give you an idea of the actual size however, it’s listed as? 26.2 inches by 24.2 inches by?30.5 inches on several retail websites. So not too tall or wide, but a reasonably modern, compact heat source that looks great.


The pricing of this unit is competitive with many of the others in what we consider the mid tier range. There is no shortage of choice there, and plenty of good options going. When we talk about mid tier costs, we’re looking at $1000 to $2000 dollars, which isn’t too bad in our experience, as they do last quite long periods of time.


To sum up the US Stove 5660, we believe it offers users a stable heat source from pellet fuel, that they have lots of control over. It looks great, and has a good range of features to warm the household effectively. This one is definitely worth the price tag in our opinion. But you should always look at the competition and different online shops before you decide to buy anything.