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A fireplace grate is an ideal addition to any home. Because they are generally speaking, raised above the ground, this allows air to get under the fire which as you know, will create a much more effective fire.

But, how do you decide what the best grate is for your requirements? They come in many shapes, sizes, and styles, which can make it hard to pinpoint a good match. That’s why we have compiled a list of some of the top rated products in the industry below.

The basics behind?a good?fireplace grate

The idea behind them is improve the quality at which the firewood burns. Its design is quite simple taking into account it should be raised and enable the user to fit a good amount of logs into the grate.

There are however, a certain amount of things that can make one product stand out from another. And those are the things you will want to keep your eye on if you are to find something that meets your household requirements.

It essentially improves the all round efficiency of the fireplace, with a better burn, and well distributed heat throughout, to warm a room. Let’s not forget it provides a more natural look and feel to a room on a cold winter evening, and brings colors into the fold you wouldn’t often see.

Design wise, they are usually made from a form of metal, cast iron or similar, because they are conductors of heat, ensuring that no energy is wasted. Good fireplace grates will also have a decent amount of space between bars to enable burn pieces of wood to fall through the gap as ashes and hot coal to help burn the firewood from the bottom up. This is efficiency at it’s finest. You also want to keep an eye on measurements in length and height, which will enable you to get a basic understanding of how much wood it can hold.

There are differences in how a grate is constructed in terms of materials used. Let’s take into account, not everyone uses wood as a fuel, there are also those of us out there who prefer coal as well, or pellets even. Usually cast iron will be better purposed for coal, whilst steel will be better for wood. But that comes down to the consumer preference in the method of burning. The general reasoning behind why coal can’t be placed in a steel construction, is more to do with the spacing between bars, than the materials used to build it, or durability.

Looking at the best fireplace grates, what are the potential advantages?

There is plenty of reasons why someone would choose one of these over a insert, or wood burning stove. Ultimately, it comes down to what their current fireplace set up is like, and if it’s got the right sort of ventilation and air flow system in place to use natural fire. If that’s the case, we really do suggest consider purchasing one, as the advantages of using them are plentiful.

First of all, it’s hard to replace a natural fire with something more artificial like an electric burner, or a?fireplace insert. Something about the natural glow from the embers, and great heat distribution always brings me back to choosing fire grates.

Not everyone wants to ruin there fireplace flooring, it could be antique, or brand new, or just cost a lot of money. Whatever their reasons, this will provide some protection from soot, and burn marks. There will always be a certain amount of cleaning up involved, but this is a much more effective way of ensuring it gathers in the right places.

Also, you will see that whilst researching, there is loads of options and styles. We understand that some of you will have a very specific taste in how a room is decorated, so the amount of choice in shapes and sizes will always play a role in the decision making process. And we believe this is a big advantage, where more traditional heat sources are quite limited in how it’s designed.

Now one of the more glaringly obvious benefits of using a grate is the increased elevation of the logs, or coal from the ground. This will allow oxygen to fuel the fire more effectively, resulting more often than not, in a bright and excellent burn.

Because it’s raised off the ground, this also enables users to ignite it easier. You can get yourself into a position you otherwise wouldn’t be able to. Lighting from underneath has advantages in its own right because fire travels upwards.

A better organization of firewood should also be mentioned, because it keeps it all in one place for burning convenience, whereas elsewhere, it may move around too much, and not use the log fuel effectively.

They are highly durable, if you get the right brand. The most popular options tend to be heavy duty, made from solid materials, and are welded together effectively. These are just a few things to look out for if you would like it to withstand the test of time, and day to day use.

Fireplace log grate prices

There is no set in stone pricing structure for fireplaces grates. Regardless of whether it’s a top rated model, or relatively unknown, you will find that the cost fluctuates heavily between each brand and product.

You can find some as cheap as $20. However, I would recommend looking at products $40 to $250 bucks if you’re after good value for money.

Our reviews

Pleasant Hearth BG7-246MPleasant Hearth BG7-246M?

A grate with six steel bars that has earned a reputation as a heavy duty, yet affordable product to become one of the top sellers on various e-commerce stores and shops online.

A black coating that is heat resistant, plus 24 inch measurement ensures you will be able to burn plenty of firewood on it.

Offers a lifetime warranty too, which is not always the case.

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Model M-6Model M-6 High Efficiency Smoke-Free

Essentially, what we have here is a high end option for those of you looking for something highly durable, and modern. Well designed in order to maximize air flow to the wood, and easy to set up and install.

The design eliminates a lot of the smoke issues people have in their homes, thanks to a great design. It also helps oxygen get to the flames easier which improves the performance and heating output.

Overall this could be a excellent replacement to the more traditional options such as boilers, and electric fireplaces.

Feedback from consumers already confirm what we already knew. And that is, this is a quality option.

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Mr. Flame Self Feeding Cradle Grate

This unit lands in the higher price point for several reasons. First, you look at the quality of construction, and it’s quite clear a lot of thought has gone into the whole design process to create a sturdy long lasting product that can handle the wear and tear thrown at it.

Gravity works in its favor thanks to the cradle design. This allows the ash to fall through the gaps and heat to rise and feed the rest of the fire.

Not as popular as other models, but those consumers who have taken time to provide feedback about it, have offered positive ratings.

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Model M-7 High Efficiency Smoke-FreeModel M-7 High Efficiency Smoke-Free

The M7 model is the sister product of the M6 previously reviewed. It offers the same qualities in design, in terms of stopping smoke from creeping out into the household, but there are still a few differences.

The only real noticeable difference you will see is the width of it. The obvious conclusion we can come to from this is the increased capacity of logs or fuel it can hold. Which, in turn, leads to a much higher heat output range.

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Landmann USA 85275

A lower budget option if you don’t wish to splash out on something too expensive. While the build quality is never going to be the same, it does the task it needs to do effectively, and will still produce a good heat output.

The V grates will certainly hold the logs in place well,which will help when your looking to ignite the fire.

Feedback from customers has been very positive when we looked at several online shops. A good sign, and still surprising because of its low price tag.

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Finding the best fireplace grate comes down to what the consumer wants at the end of the day. There are so many different things to take into account such as the fuel preference, whether they have a high or low budget, or even the type of materials used. But if you look at the key points discussed above, your research process will become a whole lot easier. Good luck.