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Pleasant Hearth stoveThe?ph50cabps pellet stove comes with a 50k BTU output and a large 120 pound hopper to ensure consumers will get long lasting heating times.

The efficiency goes above and beyond the industry average at 85%, and passes over plenty of control to the end user. This includes how and when you ignite. It includes a self ignition system that makes things really easy to get going, which can be a common problem for some shoppers.

It’s an affordable stove that gets the job done in heating the house effectively.

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What are the positives?

A good pellet stove?will always have the users best interests in mind. This will generally include a large hopper with an excellent amount of space for various fuel, an exceptional heating output, great efficiency readings, and a beautiful design.

Now, we realize not every unit is going to tick all of these boxes. But you come to expect a majority of them being included. As for the?Pleasant Hearth ph50cabps, we certainly hold the belief that it does.

A 50,000 BTU figure and over eighty five percent efficient shows the overall effectiveness of the design with cleaner air than many other units in the industry.

Its hopper is so large that it can accommodate 120 lbs worth of fuel. To give you an idea of how long this will last, it’s anywhere between 24 hours and ?70 hours. More than enough for most people.

Auto ignition is also included which is a must for me nowadays. But that’s just me, I don’t like manually starting fires, the novelty wears off after some time. So it has that convenience factor going for it.

Then, looking at the design as a whole, we think it looks great. It’s got a slightly modern feel to it with darker colors enabling it to blend in with the rest of the room effectively. While the exterior and hearth does play a role in choice, we feel that the window opening to the firebox is very important. While its mainly for looks, we still want to see the flicker of fire light coming through and hitting the floor and walls.


Out of the box, it will measure?24 inches by 26 inches by 25.8 inches. Not large, but for its purpose, you won’t want anything too big overtaking the look and feel of a dining or living room.


It varies from shop to shop, but you’re looking at the mid tier price category, which is around $1000 – $2000. This is the standard rate of such a stove with the features included.


The?Pleasant Hearth ph50cabps, will meet the majority of home owners heating needs. The long burn of 70 plus hours is a major selling point in our view. We believe there is tremendous value to be found, and a good long term heating investment.