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Looking at what’s included in the?Pleasant Hearth LWS-130291, we believe there is an astounding amount of value for money to be found. Despite it being the larger unit in its product range it’s surprisingly well priced in comparison with the medium and small options.

Additionally, this particular product does appear to of attracted consumers to it, with plenty of positive rating being given to it among industry blogs and retail shops online.

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What are the positives?

An excellent distribution of heat with 77,000 BTU’s that will add warmth to a room at a distance of 2,200 square feet. This is above average and a excellent selling point to focus on.

Because of the size of the larger models firebox, you can fit plenty of log fuel inside, which also means you can get between eight and ten hours burning time. This is on the higher end of the industry, and lets face it, no one wants to refuel it too often with new logs. The actual size of logs it can contain maxes out at twenty inches in length. Many of the top rated wood stoves?only allow between 16 and 18 inches, so this is a fantastic feature.

It’s also EPA certified and meets the industry standard levels of efficiency, currently set at 75%. Nothing new there and something you expect to see when looking at newer units.

Perhaps a more unique benefit of using this model over some others, is the sliding draft control located above the door. An excellent addition.

It’s made from sturdy materials and has a excellent base design with four legs to add to the durability factor.


Once taken out of the packaging and assembled, the?LWS-130291 measures at (rough measurements):?31 inches by 26 inches by 28 inches. (H x L x W).


Interestingly, despite being overloaded with excellent specifications, the prices we have found in our research are actually pushing towards the lower end of the scale.

With affordability in the minds of so many people looking to buy a wood burning stove, it gives them another potential option.


After going through all the specs, and taking into account pricing, and overall design, we believe the Pleasant Hearth LWS-130291 would make a great addition to any medium sized home if you’re looking to keep your heating bills down.