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The?Drolet Savannah is a wood burning stove presenting a full range of features designed to heat your house effectively and efficiently. It’s a cost effective solution to your heating needs, that’s easy to maintain and run once first assembled.

This particular unit stand out thanks to its current price tag. Despite it being on the lower end of the spectrum, there is an overwhelming range of specs that can positively effect your day to day life with its sheer simplicity.

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What are the positives?

Focusing on the good parts, we can certainly see its main selling points. And while we have a full range of things we look at to conclude if a unit is a good wood stove or not, we can also keep an eye on what consumers own experiences are with it. This way you get the best of both worlds in our reviews. A opinion from us, and feedback from actual users.

The first thing we came across was that it’s got the ability to heat a 1,500 square feet area. While that may not sound large in some respects, you will find it’s quite adequate for most modern homes.

Next up, a fire brick lined firebox and good materials used in constructing it all add up in its push towards a better efficiency number. For those that are unaware of that significance, most modern units will look to surpass 75% for both health and environmental reasons. This model certainly does.

With a BTU output of 55,000 and a blower fan that comes equipped with differing speeds, consumers can within reason, control air flow to the fire or embers. This means you will be able to control how hot or cold it is along with temperatures.

A large entrance or door allows the use of fire wood up to seventeen inches in length. If your looking for something that offers a lengthy burn without refueling for hours on end, this could be ideal.


The Drolet Savannah measures at roughly?22 inches by?27 inches?by?30 inches and will weigh roughly 286 pounds whilst shipping. It could well be a two man job when assembling it, or even lifting it, as the lining tends to up the weight of the product as a whole. Your best bet is assembling it where it will reside to minimize problems down the line.


As with many wood burners, you will have a wide variety of pricing available to you. Aside from retail specifics, you will get high end, low end, and something in between. This doesn’t always reflect quality however.

This one is a good example of a low price option that does the job it’s tasked with well. Don’t let low budget models fool you. You can often find some diamonds in the rough when you look at the specs rather than the money.


Taken as a whole, there are parts of the Drolet Savannah that could be improved such as the ability to take even larger logs into the firebox. At seventeen inches currently, there is certainly room for improvement. However, what it does have to work with, it will provide a stable source of heating for several hours.