How to heat your garage

You may well of come across our article about garage heating appliances here. We took time to analyze?the market and help our readers gain some form of understanding when it comes to choosing a reliable heat source. But there are several other ways in which you can keep the heat in effectively. Lets have a look at some of these below.

Insulate the garage door

You can often find ready to go kits that are easy to install and a relatively quick fix for the thin barrier of protection that a door provides. Doing the basics to cover this area will ensure you maximize potential warmth retention. In fact, this is one of the main areas which heat is lost, so it’s really a recommendation, especially if you use it as a living space.

Generally the kits mentioned above give users adhesive strips to stick the method of insulation on which are usually reflective and Styrofoam. The reflective option tends to keep heat out in the baking hot summer months too, serving two purposes.

Install underfloor heating

There are plenty of ways to go about ensuring the floor is warm enough. This is another area where cold air creeps into the room and should really be looked into. We suggest radiant floor heating mats beneath the flooring.

However, if you’re not looking to go through the hassle of covering labor costs to get it fitted, getting some basic insulating mats is a good place to start and will still help combat the cooler air.

Weather stripping

Have a look at the edge of the door, or any key opening in the room like windows. Look for signs of drafts coming in and note the location. The sensible thing to do here is install some trim on every edge and reduce as much of this draft as possible. It may mean that you need to remove older damaged versions with a putty knife, but adding a full trim on these edges are highly effective at keeping the heat inside.