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Those of you looking for a simple effective way to warm up most rooms in a modern household with ease may find that an oil filled space heater?provides all the necessary specs to do so effectively and efficiently.

Running on thermal oil, they provide sufficient heating for both medium and smaller rooms which can range from a garage to a dining area. And couple that with the fact that they are easy to operate and reasonably compact, and you begin to understand why these are among the top sellers the heating appliance market offers.

Top picks

ImageNameOur rating
DeLonghi TRD0715T9/10
latest no deposit casino bonus codesOptimus H-60117/10
Honeywell EnergySmart7/10
NewAir AH-450B8/10
DeLonghi EW7707CM8/10

Top oil filled space heater reviews

Our reviews are designed to uncover any flaws and highlight specific areas where an individual product excels. We do this by getting an understanding of its?features and functions alongside the design, heat distribution, and power output. All of these things are taken into account when we choose our list and rate units.

DeLonghi EW7707CMDeLonghi EW7707CM

Those of you who have been looking to purchase a heater in the past will no doubt be familiar with the DeLonghi brand. In most cases, we have found they receive plenty of positive feedback from consumers who have purchased their products, and it does appear that the?EW7707CM is no exception with high ratings found in many e-commerce?shops and stores online. Whilst we use this as an early indicator to detect the quality of a specific product, it should by no means be your only reasoning behind buying it.

This is clearly an oil radiator with seven fins that operates on?diathermic oil. For those of you wondering, this means you won’t need to refill or add any new fuel to it. Which is one headache removed.

Designed to be energy efficient with a ComforTemp feature that controls the temperature at which it conserves the most energy. The manufacturer states this is between sixty eight and seventy degrees.

Something that isn’t always included is the ability to automatically turn on at a certain temperature. This product senses when the room temp drop under forty four degrees and will automatically switch on and begin to do its job.

Overall, this is a solid option that users won’t need to break the bank to get their hands on.

NewAir AH-450BNewAir AH-450B

This model radiates heat at a distance of up to three hundred?square feet, which isn’t much when you think about it. But for smaller room sizes like a garage, or an office, this could be a perfect match.

It’s portable and certainly has the functionality to effectively warm up your chosen room. Includes three differing heat settings which are controlled by you and operates on 1500 watts of power which helps produce 5120 BTU’s.

And if safety is a big concern, which it should be, you should know that the AH-450b is equipped with automatic shut off and procedures to follow incase it tips over.

Price wise, it’s found at the lower end, and a good option for consumers working with a low budget.

Honeywell EnergySmartHoneywell EnergySmart electric oil radiator

Produced by another reputable?brand name in Honeywell. The EnergySmart is one to watch if you’re looking for something that’s energy efficient but still warms up mid sized rooms easily.

As you would expect from this type of radiator, it operates silently and has multiple temperature settings, three in total. The thermostat can be adjusted to the heat settings you need meaning you won’t be feeling overwhelmed by hot air, neither will you be feeling chilly. You have?complete?control.

Portable and easy to move around the house thanks to a simple handle and wheels system.

When we look at the price and compare to its competitors, we feel its about right considering the specifications included.

Optimus H-6011Optimus H-6011

Choose between a variety of different wattage levels including 600w, 900w, and 1500w. Each of these three temperature settings will work well for varying purposes. In a small space, shops, bathrooms, or perhaps even a workshop. With a product like this, it comes down to your requirements as it’s portable and easy to move from place to place.

It doesn’t take up too much space and is fairly compact measuring 14.8 inches by 5.7 inches by 26.5 inches. Additionally, the price tag brings it inline with many of its competitors in the industry.

Overall, with the auto thermostat controls and a combination of mobility and its compact design, have ensured its place on this list and is definitely one to watch.

DeLonghi TRD0715TDeLonghi TRD0715T

The?TRD0715T is one of the best sellers of the industry and regularly receives high ratings on many of our research sources online that range from blogs through to forums and shops. When conducting our own research into its specifications, it’s easy to see why.

Like the majority of its competition we compared it with, it runs on?pure diathermic oil which is permanently sealed within and you will never need to change, replace, or re-fuel it. And that on its own gives it a slight advantage over certain types of space heaters.

Comes equipped with ninety six different settings and a twenty four hour timer to give users?control over how much heat it should radiate using its thermal tunnels. Like several of its sister products, this oil heater comes with the option to automatically turn on at a specific room temperature which can be extremely handy incase?you leave the house for a while. You come back and the rooms won’t be too cold. This isn’t something you can expect from all brands, so this is certainly a plus point.

Like most modern heating appliances, safety has progressed over the years and this model comes with sensors to detect whether its gettting too hot in which case it will automatically shut down.

Benefits of oil filled radiator heaters

Energy efficient – Those of you who want something that saves energy and environmentally friendly compared to other types, will find these to be a great match. They do a good job in saving energy which can save money in the long run.

Portable –?Consumers looking for a unit that’s highly mobile or even something temporary will appreciate the wheels and handles that more often than not come with this type of appliance. And because of these design features that make them portable, they can also be quite versatile. One week it may be used in the bathroom, whilst the next may be heating your home office.

Quiet operation – There are many options in the industry that give off loud noises that can be distracting. In the home environment most users will want peace and quiet. That’s why many opt to use these radiators to ensure the noise levels are kept to a minimum.

Safety features – Many products will come with numerous safety features that focus on keeping you and your household safe. There are usually temperature sensors that are designed to switch the heat off when they sense the temperature has got too high.

Compact design – Those of you with limited space will find these units are generally not too bulky and will fit into small spaces easily without causing obstructions.