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The top rated Lasko space heaters come in a variety of different forms, shapes, and sizes. You will find energy efficient options among them, as will you infrared, and oil radiators. Regardless of the type however, they all serve one purpose – to heat your home effectively, and we want to provide our readers with some information about individual products based on their spec list, and consumer feedback.

By carrying out this research, we hope to help you find some suitable options for you to use at home.

Top 4 picks

6462 Lasko 6462 9/10
5409 Lasko 5409 8/10
754200 Lasko 754200 9/10
5622 Lasko 5622 7/10

Who are they?

If you’re not already familiar with the brand name, here’s a little background about them. They are a company that specialize in producing good quality products that are used around the household on a regular basis. This means they not only specialize in heating appliances, but also fans, humidifiers, and outdoor products.

From looking at the various models they have released and the majority feedback received through shops online, early indicators point to a solid brand with a reliable reputation.

Because of the number of products they produce, you’re inevitably going to run into models that have different purposes. We aim to divide them up so you can analyze options designed?for the areas you require, be it the bathroom, garage, somewhere industrial, or perhaps even in a shop.

Our Lasko reviews

We want to remove consumer worries from the buying equation by offering reviews that detail the various features that products provide and how they can be a beneficial part of your household.


A highly rated option on several shops, and certainly one of the more popular ones. It’s equipped with three differing heat power settings, two for warmth, and one working as a fan. The two heat settings include 1500 watts and 900 watts, which is usually enough for a medium sized room.

Each of the settings are changed manually through turning knobs on top, one for the power, one for the heat. Both are quite clearly labelled and self explanatory.

And whilst you may come across some units that are awkward and present difficulties in moving them around, this one has a very?welcome carrying?handle.

And let’s not forget that the?754200 isn’t very large and space consuming, measuring?5.75?inches by?7?inches by?9.2 inches.


This is a oscillating ceramic heating appliance designed for the purpose of being used on a counter top or even the floor. It’s quite versatile due to its reasonably small size, but still produces enough heat power output to provide warmth for most rooms in the home.

1500 wattage is its highest setting, which is inline with many of its competitors, and still offering a slightly lower power option and a fan. Includes overheating protection and closed away elements that help look after peoples safety.

It has a?nice and modern design that isn’t too bulky and is highly mobile thanks to the inclusion of a handle.

And with all that rolled into one,?this is still what we consider as inexpensive. A good, low cost option that will get the job done for the average room.


The 6462 full circle is slightly more advanced than several of the manually operated models on the market. First of all, it can be controlled digitally / by remote. It’s always nice to adjust the temperature without moving across the room every time to do so.

The heating element used is ceramic and will provide low and high settings up to 1500 watts. And perhaps a more unique feature of its design is its ability to heat three hundred and sixty degrees. Most products you find in this industry generally face one way, but with this model, you can choose the full circle, one hundred and eighty, or even ninety degrees.

Includes a thermostat that can be programmed and controlled on a digital computer panel. Simple navigational menu buttons are all located next to the screen that include the power on and off, and plus / minus temperature control.

It also meets ETL requirements and features several important safety precautions within the design including a safety power cut off.


Those of you looking for something quiet in its operation, and reasonably compact, may want to research into what the?5622 can do for you. This is a convection heater, that allows users to program heating times and what time of day it turns off.

Fifteen hundred watts power and a low space consumption design that is easy to move about and highly portable.

Thermostat can be adjusted to your required temperature settings which can be set between sixty and eighty five degrees F.

The dimensions of these heaters are often overlooked, especially if you’re buying one specifically for one room in the household. Those of you working with limited amounts of space will appreciate its low profile design measuring?39.7?by?5.4 by?9 inches.