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Those of you wanting a space heater?of the infrared variety will find a lot of helpful guides and reviews on this page. We want to help our readers become as informed as possible about individual products before they buy and we do this by looking at – on a product by product basis, the specs, features, design, and overall heating performance.

Our top rated?infrared heater reviews are listed below and will help you compare and understand which unit may be a great match for your households needs as well as why the heat technology may benefit you.

ImageNamePriceOur rating
Ryzen H-5000 Pro$7/10
Dr DR-968$$8/10
Italia WALL-E$$$9/10
Dyna-Glo IR30NMDG-1$$$8/10
Holmes Quartz$7/10
Optimus H-9010$7/10
Dr DR-988$$8/10

Top Infrared garage heaters

Taking care of the garage heating?is not something all homeowners choose to do. And it’s by neglecting this you could potentially missing out on an extra room in the household that could perhaps be converted into something entirely different altogether such as a guest bedroom or a home office. Neither of which would be possible without having a heating appliance in place. Below we look at several options that could fit the bill an ultimately warm a small space effectively and efficiently.

dr-988Dr. Heater DR-988

The DR-988 is a affordable warming option that comes with a decent amount of wattage – which is currently listed at 4800/5600 watts. The power provided is enough to heat an area of up to six hundred square feet which makes it a viable options for use in a garage, or even a small workshop or industrial unit.

The temperature level you can expect once it’s been unpackaged and installed will be between forty five and ninety five degrees Fahrenheit. This can be easily adjusted using the included thermostat control.

Additionally, It comes with several built in safety precautions such as it being able to cut off the power in the event of overheating.

Good infrared shop heaters

Shop heating systems will ultimately share some similarities with workshops and garages in that they will need to be able to provide warmth for a smaller area. However, they will often need to be either wall mounted or small enough as to not cause any obstruction to customers visiting your shop. Listed below is a great unit that we feel could do the job effectively. What’s more, because they can in theory be used in bathrooms.

Optimus H-9010Optimus H-9010

A lower budget option that provides a decent amount of power with 600/1200 watts and?has a quartz element that will distribute heat around a small space like a store very well. Whilst it’s not the most powerful or includes the most impressive spec list, it will do the job it’s designed for will all the essentials such as being ceiling or wall mounted to keep it overhead and out of customers and workers way.

Built in safety features to prevent accidents from happening such as overheating, and plenty of consumer feedback has been found from our various sources around the web that suggest this is a high quality unit.

Looking for infrared bathroom heaters?

Walking into a warm, comfortable?bathroom is one of the best feelings you can have. Who wants to get ready for a bath or shower in a cold environment? We take a look at several leading bathroom heaters below to help you understand why they can be beneficial to you.

Holmes QuartzHolmes Quartz tower heater

A well priced appliance that will produce two separate levels of heat. One will be low power, the other, high. The low powered wattage is 750 whilst the high is 1500 watts. Both settings have there benefits and purposes. For a small space like a bathroom however, this will more than suffice.

Featuring plenty of great specs and safety features, this product could be excellent for your requirements. However, for those of you with limited leg space, you may want to consider something that’s either wall or ceiling mounted because with units left on the floor, they immediately become a tripping hazard. But if you have the space available, this will be suitable to slot into a corner somewhere.

What about infrared patio heaters?

Because of the outdoor location of a patio, heat is important especially if it’s in a location of the house which is used on a regular basis. No one wants to feel cold, so have a look at the possible solutions we researched below. You should not however, they tend to be a bit more expensive because there are certain precautions manufacturers have to make with the design to protect their products from the elements.

Italia WALL-E Indoor Outdoor PortableLava Heat Italia WALL-E

We have selected the Italia WALL-E as one to watch simply because it’s portable and versatile. Meaning, you can use it indoors as well as outdoors which is always a plus. The one thing that caught our eye whilst conducting our research was that it can double up as a floor lamp if required.

To give you an idea of power and heat distribution, this operated on 1500 watts which is generally more than enough to heat up a reasonably sized space, namely a patio area. And?a?great thing about its design is the stand with a weighted base to keep it sturdy a lower the chances of it being knocked over.

And while it does have many positives, there are still some drawbacks to be found. The main downside in our view is that it’s not the cheapest heater?on the market. You will have to be willing to part with a fair amount of cash to get your hands on it.

Best infrared gas heaters

Gas heaters are among the most effective options you can buy if you want a highly effective heater appliance. There BTU output and distribution are typically high allowing them to warm up a large area surrounding the unit, which is fantastic for medium sized rooms, workshops, and much more. However, there can be some states in which you need to?consult the appropriate authorities to find out whether or not they are allowed in your state. Listed below is our top pick in this category.

Dyna-Glo IR30NMDG-1Dyna-Glo IR30NMDG-1

One of the first things we noticed about the?Dyna-Glo IR30NMDG-1 was its heat output and the potential area in which it can warm up. The manufacturer lists the BTU output at thirty thousand per hour and the noted radius is up to?one thousand square feet. This could be a great choice for larger rooms/areas that need that extra bit of power and distribution.

Because gas types are seen as off the grid options, they can be the perfect fit for emergency heating when the electricity power is out in the household. An ideal supplementary way to warm up your home or shop. What’s more it’s not going to take up much space measuring just?28.1?inches by?10.5 inches by 24.1 inches.

But again, with the higher level of quality, you can expect to pay a bit more than your average heater with this?technology.

Efficiency and benefits

They are well known in the industry to be a efficient way to warm a space. This is because they make use of light waves that pass through you to warm you up rather than focusing on heating the surrounding air which is what many differing heating devices do. They also come with many benefits that you may not yet of thought of.

Some products require a set period of time to warm up before they can distribute heat effectively. With?the?waves emitted, you can expect it to be ready to do its job almost immediately. The beam of waves and particles it makes use of are responsible for this.

In most cases, they operate very quietly which is always a plus point in our book. If you’ve never had a unit that makes too many rattling or whirring sounds, it can be irritating and off putting, especially in something like a home office where concentration is needed.

Latest infrared space heater reviews

Find our latest individual product reviews and buying guides below. These are designed to give an unbiased, detailed summary of each of their qualities and flaws to help simplify the research you carry out before you make a buying decision. No one likes having buyers remorse after all.

dr-968Dr Infrared DR-968

The DR-968 is a portable, 1500 watts heater that you will probably notice looks fantastic. Sometimes the panels and design of machines can be a bit outdated so this will add a modern feel that would help it fit in with your average american households decor and room colors.

Looking at the features and specifications, the even heat distribution of up to one thousand feet struck us. This is exactly what you need for medium and small sized rooms.

The 1500 watts power enables it to produce temperature levels between fifty and eighty five degrees. However, consumers only really get a choice of high and low temps which can have its limitations.

Ryzen H-5000 ProRyzen H-5000 Pro Portable Quartz Heater

Another fifteen hundred wattage option which the manufacturer says helps produce a good amount of power but still remain cost effective for customers. And at its current price tier, we can respect that.

Plenty of safety features are built into the design that ensure all the main elements are covered and in the event anything tips over on its side there are power shut off options.

And those of you looking for convenience will appreciate the fact that the heat levels can be switched with the flick of a button on the included remote. Not particularly bulky with product dimensions of eight by thirteen by thirteen inches and a decent option for small spaces around the home.