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Our garages can often be a unloved area of our home. Often left to get chilly in the colder months and a place to store junk from the house. However, there is a growing popularity in doing them up, and converting them into something entirely different. For that, you will need a bit of DIY done, including insulating the walls and decorating, as well as installing a source of heating to keep things comfortable.

Listed below, you will find several of the best garage heaters that we have taken the time to review and outline their pro’s and con’s.

Top 6?picks

Buying guide

No two heating devices are the same, and what may be right for one person, may not be right for another. Here are a few guidelines to follow and keep tabs on to ensure you find something that meets your own requirements.

Ask yourself, is this going to need to be a permanent source of heating, or temporary. There are different models for both of these purposes. One being portable, the other mountable. Think this through wisely as it may save you money in the long run.

Is there a power source nearby to use it? Keep in mind both electric and fuel options both require access to an outlet, so ensure your garage has electrics fitted and wired before you part with your cash.

There should always be a safety measure in place. Usually this comes in the form of an emergency shut down feature that protects the heat source from overheating and causing all kinds of problems.

What are the potential advantages of using one?

We believe there are many advantages that will be beneficial to many.

The fact these heaters will enable consumers to heat the garage opens up a whole new space in the household which can be transformed into something else like a place for storage, a home gym, a place to hang out, or even a spare room when friends stay over. The possibilities of using that space are endless, and that fact alone make it a very wise investment on your part.

Portable heating appliances can be used as and when needed, and moved elsewhere when the garage is not in use. Even if you don’t buy the portable options, the mountable ones can?saves even more space, and help prevent any unwanted accidents you could have with floor based units.

There is plenty of variation in sizing and heating power and distribution. That’s why you get models that are suitable for a home garage, right the way through to industrial workshop units.

The different types of garage heaters

Whilst browsing around, you will come across several differing types of heaters. These will be gas, electric, and propane. Each of which I will go into more detail about what exactly each is and what it’s used for.

1. Propane

A excellent choice for those of you looking for a speedy way to increase room temperature and protects the garage from the winter cold. They are often noted as being durable and reliable by manufacturers, and come in a variety of styles. They do exactly what you need it to do, which is direct warmer air flow throughout the surrounding area, and increasing temperature.

2. Electric

The electric versions are an undeniably effective way of increasing the warmth of a room. Perhaps, one of the main reasons you would choose this over other kinds is that it’s scentless, reasonably quiet in its operation, and very simple to start up.

3. Natural gas

These are often used in an industrial, or workshop setting, usually due to the fact they have the ability to heat up much larger areas. That doesn’t mean it should be limited to those settings though. They typically include forced air heating which distributes warm air around the room, or a latest no deposit casino bonus codesinfrared style which works more like a radiator.

Prices – The general consensus

There is no real set in stone pricing structure for garage heaters. You will have those models which will be very expensive, and you will come across some that are low budget, and of course, some will be in between the middle of both of these categories. The middle is often what we call the sweet spot, as it gives consumers a fantastic mix of features and value for money. We believe this can be categorized between $80 and $300 dollars. That is our recommendation. However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t hidden gems on the market either.

Our reviews

Dr. Heater DR966Dr. Heater DR966An electric, 240 volt heating system that’s ideal for the commercial garage setting. This particular unit doesn’t include the power cord as it’s hardwired.

It’s Equipped with five?louvers to angle the heated air in the direction of your choosing. The level of heat ejected from the DR966 completely depends on the level you set the thermostat at. It can be switched between high an low settings to meet the ever changing weather conditions and temperatures.

This is a off the ground option that is fully mountable to a ceiling or wall quite easily, which makes it a fantastic choice for those of you who tend to use the garage as a alternative kind of room, be it a games room, or band practice with your friends.

According to the manufacturer, Dr. Heater, it’s got minimal turbulence, which plays a major role in keeping noise levels low, which is ideal, as no one wants a loud whirring background noise whenever you need to add some warmth to the room.

It’s out of the way, but some people like to ensure that it will blend in with its surrounding quite well, or at the very least, look modern. This does just that with a grey paint finish, that doesn’t stand out too much.

NewAir G56NewAir G56 5600 Watt – This is a unit that can be quite versatile in where it’s used, in both a commercial and residential setting. It’s reasonably powerful at 5600 watt, 240 volt, which will distribute heat effectively, raising the temperature to the surrounding areas.

Perhaps on of its best selling points and certainly a factor on why it’s become quite a popular option on the market is the sheer simplicity and user friendliness of operation. A lot of it is push button operation, which is looked on favorably by many consumers as no one wants to spend to much time working things out. The control panel itself is easy to spot at the front and pretty much self explanatory.

A stainless steel design coupled with a safety grille to prevent unwanted accidents from happening on the front only adds to the durability factor, which is something you should be looking for whilst researching through the top rated garage heaters.

To give you an idea of the overall effectiveness of the G56, the manufacturer usually leaves information on the heating range. In this units case, it’s listed at being able to warm spaces of up to 560 square feet. Which is more than enough when you think of your average sized garages in most modern homes.

Controlling an maintaining the room temp is very simple with the use of its pole thermostat that allows you to change up the settings at the twist of a dial.

If that wasn’t enough, there are extra safety precautions in place to prevent overheating. This is a peace of mind spec, that eliminates some worries consumers have when purchasing one of these appliances.

Dimplex DGWH4031Dimplex DGWH4031 4000 Watt – This unit has a similar versatility to the G56 in that it can double up for use in a garage or even a workshop. After all both settings are trying to accomplish the same goal, which is keeping the room temperature comfortable for either workers or residents. This machines has the spec list to do just that.

A 4000 watt, 240 volt machine that possesses the heating ability to warm a room to temperatures between forty five to seventy seven degrees Fahrenheit. This all comes down to your personal preferences, but you have complete control over this. In fact, to give you an idea of its performance, the BTU output is listed at?13,640, which is pretty decent.

Most people looking for a source of heating for your garage, will nine times out of ten want to have something mountable either to the wall, or ceiling. It removes several inconveniences, let alone the tripping hazard. Luckily, the DGWH4031 enables you to do just that, an with the energy efficient label attached to it, this is a product that is only going to go from strength to strength.

A stainless steel design, which is not overly large, measuring just 11 inches by 7-2/7 by 9 inches, and with protective elements such as the grille on the front, and a automatic off safety switch, ensure consumers worry less, and still get the results they need.

The benefits of these features mean you can have an extra usable space in the house, even if the weather takes a turn for the worse.

Overall, it’s been received well by people who have bought it, with plenty of glowing reviews and ratings found during our research.

NewAir G73NewAir G73 – A built in thermostat, and safety shut off measures are just a few of the many features included in the G73’s spec list. Not as powerful as some well known products in the industry, but capable of heating an area of up to five hundred square feet, which will be perfect for heating a home garage.

Like several of the previous heaters reviewed, this can be mounted to a ceiling if required, to ensure the hotter air flow reaches the most effective areas. What’s more, this paves the way for the extra space saved to install a nice pool or ping pong room for your downtime.

The fan forced heating makes it ideal for warming up smaller spaces, which doesn’t necessarily mean garages. It could also mean rooms in the workplace, or even workshops and industrial units.

But arguably one of the most reliable ways to get an understanding of the quality provided by the G73 is by looking at customer feedback and ratings, who will have had first hand experience using it, and already know how effective or not, it’s been for them.

Broan-NuTone (6201)Broan-NuTone (6201) – Consumers can sometimes disregard some of the important features of a garage heating system, in favor of just looking at how effective and how far it distributes heat. This is something you will want to address naturally, simply because, there are several other areas you need to keep an eye on.

The Broan-NuTone 6201 model has several areas it excels in, and perhaps the most important of these for some will be the fact that it’s portable. Most of the garage heater reviews we have covered so far only talk about being mountable. So the 6201 will give users a alternative, or as some would say, a more temporary solution to heating.

Another great selling point is the actual construction, which is steel. For those of you looking for a heavy duty, reliable, and durable solution, this could tick all the boxes for you. And despite it being portable, there is a great deal of control over the temperature you set by using the built in fan settings.

Now, moving on to actual safety precautions, we want to ensure we don’t end up burning the house down due to a malfunction or excessive heat. In this case, there is an automatic shut down option that detects and warns the user if there is too much heat being emitted.

Comfort Zone CZ220Comfort Zone CZ220 Industrial?– One for more industrial needs and locations, however, it could easily be used in smaller spaces too thanks to the inclusion of some great design features.

For starters, this is ceiling mountable, which is great is it lifts it up and out of the way allowing people to use the space surrounding it more effectively. If your garage is anything like mine, and most peoples are, you won’t say no to a little extra space.

The warmth levels can vary depending on the settings you set. It offers a max level of up to 5000 watts, but also two lower levels of 4000 and 3000 respectively. A nice range of heat for different purposes and weather is always useful.

In the event it falls over onto the face, it has a power cutting safety feature, plus other great specifications that take user wellbeing into account such as power and caution indicator lights on the front.

Perhaps the reason it gets marketed as a more industrial option is found in the frame and materials used to build it. The exterior is made of heavy gauge steel.

And rest assured that when cleaning?time comes, you can remove the grills at the front for easier access to remove any blockages, dust, and dirt.


When all is said and done,?the best garage heaters can often be the ones you are not aware of yet. By following the information in this buying guide, we hope we helped you understand the basics of what to look for, as well as how to determine whether a machine is good quality or not.

There are plenty of options for a wide variety of purposes and no shortage of versatility too. Users can decide between floor based options, or units that can be mounted on walls and ceiling. Both have there advantages and often it comes down to your preferences. For example, if you want something temporary fitted, just for the winter, you may want to look for a portable garage heater. However, those of you looking to turn the space into a home gym, or game room, or even an office will prefer to have a permanent solution in place.

Safety of a unit is always a concern raised by consumers, and that’s only natural. You will find that companies and brands nullify this fear by implementing a detection system which automatically cuts off the power when it overheats. This is something you should certainly look for whilst browsing specific products.

Thoughts and comments from the community

  1. I play with my band quite often and it don’t half get chilly in the evenings. I decided to go with the NewAir G56 model and it’s been good so far.

    1. I’m very glad to hear it Tomass. Feel free to stop by anytime with any questions you may have.

  2. So this is just a rough outline right? Many of these get mounted on the ceiling correct? What about going for something basic like an infrared panel? Would that work just as well?

    1. The whole point of going for the products that attach to the ceilings or wall is to save space in an already enclosed area of the house. By all means, if you’ve got the spare room and aren’t worried about that, a panel will do the job just fine.
      All the best,

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