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Whether it’s for protection or decorative purposes, there is no denying a fireplace screen can be an excellent addition to any household. We look at the various finishes, styles, materials, and shapes to pick out some of our favorites for you to consider.

Top 4 picks

Uniflame S-1613 7/10
Deco 79 8/10
Uniflame S-1156 8/10
Deco 79 50377 7/10

What to look for

Here are a few things to take into consideration before you spend any money. They are ideal for guarding the areas directly in front of wood fire stoves.

Three panel

The three panel options typically offer a main flat surface as the central panel, and two either side of it that tend to have hinges attached to them to bend inwards and enclose the fire area. There are many great designs available of this style, some of which we list below.

Benzara 50377 Striking Metal

With a matte finish and unique design that includes diamond shapes encircled, this will look great in any front room. Its construction consists of a tin material and includes 3 panels. The manufacturer claims it’s made to stand the test of time.

Its dimensions are 48 ” by 0.5 ” by 30 “, and its weight is 14 pounds.

It’s not particularly expensive either, which coupled with its ability to fold and store easy, could make this a great choice for you.


The single panel variants are quite self explanatory, with one flat surface obscuring the fire area. Some of the designs and styles you find on these options can be quite creative and look very modern. However, don’t expect them to be cheaper because there is less panels. Most of the time, this isn’t the case.

Uniflame S-1156Uniflame S-1156

The S-1156 is the medium sized option in the series measuring 44 inches in width. You can get the sister products that offer similar features with a larger width of fifty inches and a smaller width of thirty nine inches.

For the medium product however, the design is pretty basic, but still manages to retain a modern look and style. It has an iron finish and has legs or stabilizers at each end to ensure it stays upright effectively.

Consumer feedback found so far on this model are generally quite pleased with their purchase.


The arched fire screens can come in two forms. One can be a combination of a three panel, with a arched central surface at the top, and the other will be a single surface panel on its own arched at the top of the product. It adds a nice finishing touch to what otherwise could be quite a boxy, rectangular design.

Deco 79Deco 79

We really like the design on the Deco 79. It has a really unique, homely feel to it, and offers a textured finish. Color wise, you’re looking at a nice mixture between black and brown, and the materials used in its construction is iron.

Covers a width of 52 inches with the actual dimensions of the product as a whole listed as 52 inches by 31 inches by 1 inches.

Includes an arched tip, otherwise known as a dome with some great metalwork additions that look great.


The curved fireplace screens move away from the standard flat surfaces issued on all the other kinds. It will be rounded at the front.

Uniflame S-1613Uniflame S-1613

This will cover a fireplace width of up to 41 inches. Even though the image doesn’t present this well, it’s free standing, which is something some consumers weren’t sure of.

Comes in a pewter finish, and has a nice contemporary design.

The price tier of this product goes slightly above the average, and the overall dimensions are 0.5 inches by 41 inches by 31 inches.

The finish and materials used

You can get a combination of finishes but many of these tend to be iron and tin. You will also come across finishes like wrought iron and some with the inclusion of glass inserts. If your decision is based purely on the durability and how solid a product is, then go for something reliable like iron. However, if you want something creative and nice looking, you will have plenty more choices in material available to you.

Your budget

The majority of options in the industry fall into the under $100 dollars category. And most people will certainly be able to find something suitable for that price. But for those of you wanting either; something really unique, or a lot wider and larger than average, you can expect to pay slightly above this amount.


A nice Fireplace screen can really help you spruce up and overhaul the design of a room. A lot of that will come down to the type of style you go for, but there is a vast amount of choice in that area, with tons of finishes available. Consider the shape of the room you’re planning it to go in, and also the surrounding decor. Ask yourself if the colors and design would clash or match. Then ask yourself the other questions related to the type of panel and sizing requirements. These are the main buying decisions any person should be making to find a good fit.

Thoughts and comments from the community

  1. I have one similar to the Deco. It’s really beautiful and unique in its own way. Plus it’s always good when it matches the wallpaper, which is something we’ve been struggling to do. Nothing worse than mismatching elements of the lounge area.

    1. Hi Claire. Thanks for your comment. What you often find is that it’s the little things that make the difference in how a room is perceived. The style of accessories like this gets downplayed, but I don’t think it should ever be overlooked.

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