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Are you somebody who wants to heat your house?effectively using a more renewable energy source? Then you can use the list below to find what we believe to be among the?top rated bio ethanol fireplaces in the industry.

We aim to cover individual specifications of each product and give readers a great range of choice when it comes to power, performance, and price point.

Top 3 picks overall

Moda Flame Valencia PRO 9/10
latest no deposit casino bonus codesIgnis EB1200 8/10
latest no deposit casino bonus codesSunnydaze White Zen 7/10

Our reviews

Ignis EB1200Ignis EB1200 burner insert

Marketed as an eco friendly heating option, the EB1200 has certainly received a decent level of positive feedback from consumers to date. A lot of that can be put down to a certain extent on being free from the shackles of requiring gas and electricity, or even a chimney. This is because it doesn’t produce the harmful gases or smoke traditionally expected from wood?or pellet stoves. That alone is a major plus point as it removes several consumer worries from the buying decision process.

Users will need to top up the ethanol levels every five hours or so of usage. This is a good burn time for a reasonable heating output of up to 6000 BTU’s.

Cleaning and maintaining it is incredibly simple too with a recommendation of wiping the surface with a damp cloth to remove residue, dust, and anything else that may be cluttering up the surrounding area.

It’s designed with a stainless steel exterior and gives buyers the option to choose specifically how they use it. For example, with a bit of DIY, you could fit this into a wall or table. Or it could be used as a replacement part for an existing option. The flexibility it allows in this respect has certainly won it plenty of admirers.

Moda Flame Valencia PRO

Next up, the Valencia PRO. This is a wall mounted product which comes with a nice modern design containing a great, stainless steel exterior that really?helps add?a modern touch. The fact that it hangs on the wall allows it to be placed in areas you wouldn’t always associate heating appliances to be found. However, the look and feel and general vibe it gives off is one that is homely.

It’s vent less and has a high BTU output of 12000. You can expect the flame to be between twelve and fourteen inches with a burn time around 5 hours, which can vary by an hour either side. The flames at the front will flicker and produce a beautiful glow that will improve the aesthetics of any room you fit it in.

Measures by 43.3 inches in width by 19.7?inches in height by?7.8?inches in depth.

Sunnydaze White ZenSunnydaze White Zen

This is a?nice alternative to the more expensive options on the market.

Burns around 2000 BTU’s and offers a respectable burn time of between one and two hours. However, this it should be noted that this is considerably less than the higher tier products that can provide 6 hours of burning time.

Perhaps the standout design feature of this model is the portability. It can be used to heat relatively small spaces effectively without taking up too much space with dimensions of?14 inches in length?by?7.5 inches in width by?10 inches in height. So it’s certainly a much more compact variant.

Includes glass panes either side of the ethanol burner and removes the need of a chimney or access to an electricity outlet.

Benefits of Bio Ethanol fires

No flue or chimney required – I don’t know about you, but we feel that the need to place a fireplace in a specific area of the home can be quite frustrating. This style heating removes that worry from the equation and ensures users get a lot more freedom to dictate where they install it.

Environmentally friendly – The fuel burned is known to be far more eco friendly than several other options. This is down to it being made from organic materials.

User friendly?– Quick and easy to use. Simply buy yourself the fuel, pour it in and ignite the fire. Not time consuming and very basic, which will only need to be refueled every so often.

Renewable – Because it gets manufactured from things like potatoes, it’s also a renewable energy source.

No dangerous fumes and toxins – a far more clean option that is?biodegradable and free from harmful toxins that can be breathed in from alternative sources.

Effective heating – An excellent source of heat to warm up the household in those cooler winter months.

Decorative –?You will find plenty of products that look fantastic and will certainly help spruce up a living space.