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The DeLonghi brand produce and manufacturer all sorts of home appliances to make our everyday life easier. That includes various heating appliances such as radiators and panels that are among some of the most popular and top selling items in the industry across several of our review sources.

ImageNameOur rating
TCH7090ERD Ceramic Tower8/10
EW7507EB oil radiator8/10
HMP1500 Mica9/10

Top DeLonghi space heater reviews

Our reviews cover the things consumers need to know about a?specific?heating product. We look at the specifications and features in depth to provide feedback on the overall quality, and enable us to provide our readers with what we feel is a fair rating based on the?research carried out.

Panel heaters

The panel type product runs by heating up a mica element inside. They?are almost noise free and are known to distribute a fairly even amount of warmth?to a room. How effective it is in doing so will come down to the power settings.

HMP1500 MicaDeLonghi HMP1500

One of the first things you may notice about the HMP1500 is that it has quite a stylish design that gives off a modernistic feel. You can sometimes find that the competition often focuses on the performance of a product, which is important, but neglect how a machine looks which can be equally important if you’re not looking to ruin the overall look of a room.

Those of you wanting a good combination of performance and space saving, this could be a great match. A panel style is rather thin and isn’t going to get in the way too much, then there is two choices to choose from in terms of how high or low you set the room temperature settings.

The underside of the stabilizers have castors attached to them which ensures users are able to wheel it into varying places in the household, and its this versatility that could make it a fantastic addition to any modern home. Choose to use it to heat up the bathroom?or maybe place it into the garage to warm up what would be an otherwise chilly room.

One of the main ways it manages to stand out from competitors is the price. The HMP1500 remains inexpensive despite it offering some solid features. And if current customer reviews and ratings are anything to go by, you can expect a high quality end product.

Radiant heaters

The top oil filled radiators?are highly effective at heating small spaces whilst still being good for the environment. A fact that is lost on many consumers, but those who want something that is also good for saving energy, this is an option you may wish to consider.

EW7507EBDeLonghi EW7507EB

This is a?1500 watts radiator suitable for small to medium sized rooms such as a bedroom, shop, or office. This particular model has specs that allow it to save energy, simply because it can automatically regulate?how hot or cold a room is and comes equipped with the choice of three temperature options that can be adjusted using a thermostat.

A nice black coating makes it more decor friendly and gives users a portable option that isn’t ugly. And what’s more you can forget about all the heavy lifting thanks to the transport wheels attached to the bottom. Simply roll it into storage when not in use.

Additionally, those of you who are trying to avoid getting a fan based option, and what noise levels kept to a minimum, will certainly wish to consider this unit.?Operates silently and effectively.

And unlike some appliances, this is very user friendly and easy to operate. ?Most of the settings you will be using can be controlled digitally and in the event room temp drops below 42 degrees, it will automatically turn on in what’s described by the manufacturer as its anti-freeze feature.

You can time the unit to heat at two specific times of day – we suggest morning and evening, think of it as two separate profiles that will work at differing times for your chosen?number of hours?up to eight hours total. A great function for any users?wanting a hands off approach.


Ceramic types are usually small and mobile, ideal for moving around the household or temporary placements. They operate by using ceramic plates on coils which are heated up to warm up the surrounding area. They are quite popular among consumers because they are providing almost instantaneous heat which is not always a given. Find our more about our pick below.

TCH7090ERDDeLonghi TCH7090ERD

The?TCH7090ERD is a ceramic tower heater that is small, can fit nicely into tight spaces and will still produce a good amount of power to effectively warm up your average room size.

Comes with a twenty four hour timer and several differing temperature options to ensure consumers have the control they need.

As far as energy savings are concerned, this unit will do a great job. The manufacturer notes that you can save up to forty percent, which is quite a large figure. But how doe sit manage this? Well, there is an included eco setting?that helps it choose the right amount of power used to achieve an effective heat distribution. Everything to do with temperature can be changed using the digital thermostat.

Measures just 7.5?inches by?8.7?inches by?23.6 inches and weighs just 6.2 pounds. Moving it about isn’t going to be difficult, and it will enable it to be versatile in your time of need.


The?DeLonghi brand has a great amount of choice and variety in their heating appliance ranges. All of the different types serve their purpose well, and the majority of the individual products we have researched into and compared with other competitors hold their own and have received quite a lot of positive feedback for the most part. Our verdict is that this is a latest no deposit casino bonus codesbrand worth consideration.